Prearo Fratelli was born in the 70s. The company’s goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through constant commitment, hard work and high quality.
Over the years the company, always attracted by the most advanced technologies and innovations, expanded services by offering the creation of upholstered furniture.
We always be guide by passion and tradition.
The passion for our job that is always changing, the quality of the products, starting from the raw materials and the great passion for processing, has always had great value.
Tradition, in a family artisan enterprise, has a strong meaning.
Today Prearo Company believes in craftsmanship and in the future. Our challenge is to redesing the history of furniture with style and elegance, with innovative ideas that consider the needs of those who live in their home, their office, their history with passion and enthusiasm.
Because of business changing, last five year we expand our production: we make also furniture by project of our customers. We can realize the seats projects of all!


The search for continuous innovation, attention to materials, seriousness and continuous assistance are our guidelines for each project.


Our artisanal tradition and the most advanced technology allow us to satisfy your requirements, to create new ideas and develop new products both classic and modern.


Every day we think about how to improve our planet and for this we have built a photovoltaic system of 152 kWh. Renewable energy allows us to produce by reducing our environmental impact.

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