Chair, Armchair, Bar Stool Luigi XVI

The triptych of chair, bar stool and head of the table. All in combination can give elegance and originality to your kitchen and your dining room. The beech structure lends itself to being able to support any type of polishing, even the upholstery is fully customizable!

Product Information

ART 333 – Chair
Width: 50cm
Pedth: 58cm
Height: 98cm
Legs Height: 50cm
Cubic Meter: 0,36
Weight (Kg): 9


ART 333- Armchair
Width: 57cm
Pedth: 59cm
Height: 98cm
Legs Height: 50cm
Cubic Meter: 0,35
Weight(Kg): 12


ART 333- Bar Stool
Width: 45cm
Pedth: 55cm
Height: 122cm
Legs Height: 80cm
Cubic Meter: 0,34
Weight (Kg): 12


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